Repair a Sagging Casement Window

Repair a Sagging Casement Window Guide

In order to repair a sagging casement window you will need a few items. A screwdriver, drill and some sort of resin such as epoxy or wood-filler depending on the type of window. If your window is dragging or catching against the frame itself, you may need to adjust the hinges for compensation. Over the years a window will start to “sag” due to gravity and after a millimeter or so it can start catching on the frame. First look and determine the way in which the window is sagging and make the adjustments to the correct hinge.

Repair a Sagging Casement Window

Items required: epoxy resin (vinyl) , wood-filler (wood)

Open your window and remove the arms of the hinge at the lower portion of the window (unscrew all the hinge support screws). You should be able to remove the sash out of the frame itself after taking out all the corresponding screws. You will need to use either the epoxy resin or the wood-filler that you purchased to fill the existing screw holes.

Finally, you need to drill new holes near the original spot, so this is an essential step (Note: if you do not do this the drill bit can end up in the original spot). Also make sure to smooth out the filling after applying either the wood-filler or the epoxy.

You will need to drill new screw holes into the frame of the window by using a 1/8” drill bit. Drill the screw holes about a quarter inch away from the old screw holes. You will need to fully determine the distance of the screw hole spacing before you screw it back into the frame itself.

If this is the first time moving the hinges a small distance you should notice a huge improvement in the functionality of your window.

Casement windows are easier to manage than sash windows and can be installed with double pane insulated glass which will assist with heat reduction and help make your energy bills smaller.

Even though casement windows are durable, issues can sometimes still occur. These issues can be addressed either by a professional or someone skilled in repair services. We will look at how to repair casement windows in this article and determine how they would best be handled by a skilled contractor. By examining a few of the common problems we will figure out the best way to help you repair a sagging casement window.

One of the more popular styles of windows in the US is a casement window. In contrast to the sash window, a casement window will open by swinging out on a pair of hinges.

Damaged Handle (Casement)

Sometimes the operating mechanism in your window will fail, causing your window crank to spin without the window opening at all. Usually this is from the window operator either breaking and having the handle and spindle coming completely detached from the operator or just the handle being stripped out.

If your operating mechanism in your window is not working correctly you will need to replace the item by either contacting the original manufacturer, finding a website that assists you in the identification of the hardware, or finally just having a company to come out and perform an window repair estimate on the hardware replacement that you require.

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