stripped casement operator

Window Crank Gear Stripped

If your window crank gear stripped out or has become detached from the operator itself most likely the gears have stripped out and you would require a new operating mechanism. To switch out the current operator requires a few steps. We can come out on location to assess the damage to your operator or you can send us in some pictures, so we can figure out what we will need ahead of time. Some of the crank operators can be expensive or custom order depending on the hardware that you currently have.

By taking a look at your old operator you may be able to check for signs of wear. If the teeth inside the crank handle are grinding off or stripped out, you may only need a crank handle replacement. We stock these and you can pick up at our store or have one shipped out. If the operator has completely worn out and either the gear has been pulled out or the teeth on the operator itself have been stripped, you will need a new mechanism completely.

Window crank gear stripped – Replacement options

Wear and tear from the elements can cause your window crank operator to completely fail. Rust, dirt and grime can clog up your operator over the years and cause it to strip out or snap off completely from the operators frame. If your end piece of the operator (crank handle) has snapped off or pulled out you may need to replace the entire mechanism itself. We can come out on location to asses the damage to your windows and provide you a fair price to repair the hardware.

Operators come in many different shapes, sizes and types, specialized for your type of window such as an awning window or a casement window. The replacement process involves removing the old operator and installing a brand new one into its place. Obviously not everyone has the means or know how to install the operator successfully and the team at WeDoGlass is able to figure out why your window crank is not working properly and assess damage to price out the repair service on site.

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