How to Melt Glass

You should know that glass can only be molded at very high temperatures and if you need to know how to melt glass, it completely melts/liquifies at approximately 1400 °C to 1600 °C. However, it is really depending on the composition of the type of glass. Glass is made from a variety of substances, depending on the intent of use. Mostly sand, lime and soda are what most glasses are made of. There are many types of glasses ex, bulletproof, tempered, tinted, stained, etc.

how to melt glass

How to melt glass? (Really)

Melting is the process where a solid becomes a liquid (ex. ice melts to water) which is more or less abrupt.You see glass doesn’t actually melt per-say. Rather it goes through a glass phase transition. Meaning that when it comes to glass “melting”it’s a more gradual process. It doesn’t melt but it keeps on softening until it can sort of flow wherefore we can be able to mold it into whatever shape we desire.” ~Anand R. Maharaj 2002

Also, a problem with trying to melt glass is that you have to keep the heat surrounding the glass about the same temperature throughout the process or risk the glass breaking from temperature stress.

So there you have it on the “melting point” of glass!

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