Types of Window Glass

In this article we will get into the different types of window glass that are available for you. Our team can provide quick glass replacement for those times when it is not an issue with security or importance. We handle custom mirrors, single pane glass, custom double pane units, storm door glass and tempered glass. … Read more

Annealed Glass

As an annealed glass company we use this type of glass in many applications such as in windows, as tabletops, picture frame glass, and cabinet glass, etc. So what does “annealed” mean? Annealing is a process of heat treatment to help relieve any internal stresses of a product. It is used in Metallurgy as well … Read more

How to Melt Glass

You should know that glass can only be molded at very high temperatures and if you need to know how to melt glass, it completely melts/liquifies at approximately 1400 °C to 1600 °C. However, it is really depending on the composition of the type of glass. Glass is made from a variety of substances, depending … Read more