Annealed Glass

As an annealed glass company we use this type of glass in many applications such as in windows, as tabletops, picture frame glass, and cabinet glass, etc. So what does “annealed” mean?

Annealing is a process of heat treatment to help relieve any internal stresses of a product. It is used in Metallurgy as well as in the Glass business to help improve strength, hardness, and ductility (how much a product can be deformed before it fractures).annealed glass chicago

So how important is it to do this to the glass we use? Well as the Wikipedia page puts it: “Glass which has not been annealed is liable to crack or shatter when subjected to a relatively small temperature change or mechanical shock. Annealing glass is critical to its durability. If glass is not annealed, it will retain many of the thermal stresses caused by quenching and significantly decrease the overall strength of the glass.” Luckily there is no shortage of annealed glass producers out there in the market.

And now you now what you are getting when the glass guys say annealed glass. More glass knowledge will be coming soon, so keep an eye out!

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