Is glass a solid, or is it a liquid?

Is glass a solid, or is it a liquid?” – random customer. I have this asked of me at least once a year. And I have done the research on it to make sure that I can answer the question. Short answer: Both? Glass doesn’t fit nicely into either category. Some of its properties make … Read more Is glass a solid, or is it a liquid?

Mirror Re-silvering

Sometimes, the look of an old mirror with hand beveled edges is enhanced with discoloration. Among some groups it is desired so that it appears unique (mirror re-silvering). It naturally happens when an oxidizing agent (usually water, sometimes a cleaner) gets to the reflective metal. Usually the metal is silver, but on some of the … Read more Mirror Re-silvering

Tempered Glass & Safety Glass

Safety glass is actually a broad term for several different types of glass. One of these is tempered glass, which you will find in your car’s side windows and back window. It is also located in all glass doors of a residence and business that a whole human body normally passes through. It is four … Read more Tempered Glass & Safety Glass

Repair a Sagging Casement Window Guide

Repair a Sagging Casement Window

In order to repair a sagging casement window you will need a few items. A screwdriver, drill and some sort of resin such as epoxy or wood-filler depending on the type of window. If your window is dragging or catching against the frame itself, you may need to adjust the hinges for compensation. Over the … Read more Repair a Sagging Casement Window Guide

Window Crank Gear Stripped

stripped casement operator

If your window crank gear stripped out or has become detached from the operator itself most likely the gears have stripped out and you would require a new operating mechanism. To switch out the current operator requires a few steps. We can come out on location to assess the damage to your operator or you … Read more Window Crank Gear Stripped